A Tribute to Chicago Singer and Pianist AUDREY MORRIS

It has been a long time since Audrey's website has been updated, but I (John Morris, her brother), am finally attempting to complete and finalize this new site this summer (2017).  Keeping in mind that this site is a work in progress, you can click around now to see what is being added, albeit not complete.  In the meantime, a basic biography by Greg Prato,on the AllMusic site is shared below:


Chicago pianist and vocalist Audrey Morris specializes in jazz ballads, as she got her start in music in the early to mid-'50s when such albums as Bistro Ballads and The Voice of Audrey Morris were originally issued. Not much was heard from Morris throughout the '60s and '70s, but she returned in the '80s with her own record label, Fancy Faire, and began releasing albums once more -- including 1984's Afterthoughts and 1989's Film Noir, plus such '90s releases as 1997's Look at Me Now and Round About.